Tori Gets Ready for her Wedding

The first portrait I ever took was of my best friend (and badass blogger) Tori. I swear I’d only had my DSLR for mere minutes before she volunteered to step in front of my lens and we walked around my neighbourhood on our first “shoot.” Once we got underway it was clear that much in the same fashion we became friends, we had instant chemistry. Through the years we’ve found countless reasons to collaborate, and I’ve always been endlessly thankful to work with someone who is truly “down for whatever” and supportive, but honest. 

When she moved to Ottawa a little while back, I knew the photoshoots were going to be much less frequent, but I didn’t realize just how much I would miss them! They’d become sort of a fun BFF project over the years and I’ll admit I was pretty bummed to lose that. So, when she asked me to meet up with her before her recent wedding and take some photos of her getting ready to walk down the aisle, my heart soared. In a lot of ways it felt just like we were hanging out with a camera between us, minus the part where she was frantically multitasking between eating a salad, doing her own makeup and trying to keep track of time. How she managed to do it all and still look more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her before, I’ll never know - but the moment I saw her in her wedding gown it was like everything had come full circle. Here are some of my favourite shots from the day.