Same City, New Love

I went into our recent trip to Montreal thinking I would be sharing a travel diary once we got back. I even brought a journal with me so I wouldn’t omit even the tiniest detail. The post I wrote last time was fun, and a great way to share my favourite photos with an element of storytelling. 

But, not once did I crack the spine of my journal to jot something down. And not once have I felt compelled to share a day-by-day recap. The truth is, this trip was very different. 

On the surface, it seemed the same. We returned to Mont Royal, the Biosphere, the Montreal Casino, Old Montreal, and almost all of the same restaurants. What made this trip different, was our mindset. Last time, we fell in love with the superficial things that anyone would. This time, we ditched the tourist mentality and found a much deeper connection.

We opted not to create any firm plans for our days. We let our whims guide us, exploring and finding new reasons to love the city everywhere we went. When we came back to our Airbnb each day, we were all smiles, brimming with appreciation for it all. 

Montreal is lively, vibrant and steeped in a unique beauty that photos don’t do justice to. When we came home from our trip back in 2017, our goal was to visit again as soon as we could. This time, our goal is to work toward making a permanent move.

My biggest challenge as a photographer, is trying to capture a moment exactly as I experience it. I’m positive it can’t be done, but when I look through this collection of digital and film photos from just a few weeks ago in Montreal, I think I came pretty damn close.